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How to Choose Mobile Security Provider cover

7 Things to Consider When Choosing a Mobile Security Provider

There are many mobile security apps out there, each offering a different set of features. To choose the right one, you first need to decide what your company´s priorities are. Find out how key features can help mitigate threats to company mobiles.

Unexpected Dangers for Small Businesses_cover photo

Unexpected Dangers for Small Businesses

Office recycling bins, USB drives, unwatched computers, social media profiles. Those are some of the possible weak spots hackers can use to harm small businesses. ESET cybersecurity expert Jake Moore regularly sets off into the field and investigates such hidden dangers that SMBs might not be aware of. Here are some of his experiences.

Illicit Cryptomining. How can cybercriminals misuse your devices_cover photo

Illicit cryptomining. How can cybercriminals misuse your devices?

High processor activity, unusual energy consumption and reduced productivity of your infrastructure. These are some of the signs that your company devices might have been misused for cryptomining. How can you prevent cryptominers from getting into your network? And why should you even care?

macOS security_cover photo

Do Apple’s macOS devices need security software?

When it comes to cybersecurity, macOS is seen by many as a role model. Some Apple fans might even view their fruit-labeled computer as immune to attacks by cybercriminals, with Apple itself considering built-in macOS security measures adequate for the threats targeting it. But is it really bulletproof?

How to get cybersecurity budget and leadership support

How to Get a Budget for Cybersecurity: Get Inspired by the Experts’ Approach

Without buy-in from executives, a lot of IT security experts have their hands somewhat tied. Fortunately, CEOs in general have become more concerned about cybersecurity over the past year. Yet some of them still do not entirely grasp why IT security experts need more financial support. So, what can you do about it?

Choosing endpoint protection_cover

Choosing Endpoint Protection: Here's What to Consider

Endpoint protection is one of the most important parts of a multilayered cybersecurity approach. Choose a solution that's reliable, doesn´t interfere with your systems, and lets you focus on your business. To decide which suits you, do your own research and refer to reviews by established and reputable organizations. Here are a few things to consider:


Deepfakes Are Making Social Engineering Even Trickier. Why?

In March 2021, the FBI warned that deepfakes could be the next major cyber threat. On what grounds? According to the federal law enforcement agency, the threats include synthetic corporate personas or sophisticated simulations of any existing employee. What are the consequences for small businesses?


FinTech: An Industry That Shapes the Flow of Money and Cybersecurity

The FinTech sector is booming. With the Covid-19 pandemic triggering changes in how people shop and accelerating the development of e-commerce services, the use of FinTech applications continues to rise in tandem. However, this rising trend calls for a growth in cybersecurity maturity, not only for financial and technology firms, but for every organization.