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Taking Your Business to the Clouds: Why Should the Cloud Become Part of Your IT Infrastructure?

If you’re looking for a way to create a productive and flexible workplace, rely on the cloud. Here are the main advantages you’ll appreciate in the long run.


Cyber blackmail and sextortion scams: What employees need to know

Blackmail is a common practice among cybercriminals. Although most of the threats are usually fake, many employees lack enough knowledge and are easily taken in. Therefore, it’s crucial to constantly raise awareness and talk about online scams – including sextortion.

CPRA Proposition 24

Proposition 24 Has Passed, Creating a New Agency. Will the CCPA Become a Stronger Piece of Legislation?

If you haven't paid much attention to the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), now is the time to care. The California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA) (or Proposition 24) adds stronger privacy protections to the act and establishes the California Privacy Protection Agency. What exactly is changing?

Impersonation Attacks Cover

Impersonation: When an Attacker Is Posing as the CEO

You have probably heard about social engineering – psychologically manipulating people into involuntarily revealing sensitive information. Let's take a look at impersonation, another non-technical attack technique used by cybercriminals to pretend to be trustworthy people while trying to manipulate others (e.g., to order and approve fraudulent transactions). How do you recognize when you are contacted by a cybercriminal instead of your colleague?