Our Mission Is To Keep Your Business Journey Protected


Maybe you’ve spent years building a company. Maybe you’re running a successful business and can’t imagine losing it. Maybe when someone asked if you were going to implement a sophisticated data protection solution, you said: Maybe. Because why fix something that doesn't seem to be broken?

Or maybe you’re an IT specialist who just hasn't had time to follow up on the latest cybersecurity threats and technological innovations. Have you heard of the latest attacks by OceanLotus or the 3ve operations?


All that a cyberattacker needs to take down your devices or servers is for one of your colleagues to inadvertently reply to one phishing email. Maybe that could spell the end of your business. Fortunately, there are some relatively straightforward steps that you can take to address these dangers.


Here’s why “maybe” shouldn’t be your answer to cybersecurity challenges


Small and medium-sized businesses are uniquely vulnerable to data breaches and cyberattacks. Over 70% of cyberattacks target SMBs, and this number is set to grow. Yet, many companies still underestimate the costs of a data breach, even though the consequences can be fatal.  According to the 2019 NCSA survey a quarter of 1,006 surveyed businesses experienced a data breach in the past 12 months. And the consequences? 37% of them suffered a financial loss, 25% filed for bankrupcy and 10 % went out of business.


The COVID-19 crisis has shown the importance of well-protected digital workplaces. Companies that had successfully integrated online solutions were able to work remotely. Thanks to digitizing key business processes, they did not have to stop operating. 


But how to keep pace with technological progress? And how to digitize your company effectively? Our Data Security Guide will bring you relevant and intelligible information on the key IT security challenges. Because sometimes, even a small piece of information can help protect people, processes and data.


Together we can strive to create a more secure digital world for you and your customers. Our mission is to provide you the tools to keep your business journey protected.