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Taking Your Business to the Clouds: Why Should the Cloud Become Part of Your IT Infrastructure?

If you’re looking for a way to create a safe, productive and flexible workplace, rely on the Cloud. Here are the main advantages you’ll appreciate in the long run.


7 Reasons for Small Businesses to Take Action on Cybersecurity

As a general rule, humans are lazy. We follow the path of least resistance and the simplest route to success. Outside of their electronic screens and malicious coding, cybercriminals are humans too, trying to find the quickest way into your devices. If you assume your company’s size makes you go unnoticed, think again – for cybercriminals, SMBs are the easiest and most common targets.


Breaking the Law: This Is How Much a GDPR Breach Can Cost

It’s just four letters, but not complying with them can get costly. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been broadly discussed by the media – yet many companies still fail to handle personal data properly. And it gets expensive.


Our Mission Is To Keep Your Business Journey Protected. And What Is Yours?

Maybe you’ve spent years building a company. Maybe you’re running a successful business and can’t imagine losing it. Maybe when someone asked if you were going to implement a sophisticated data protection solution, you said: Maybe. Because why should you care as long as everything is working? And should you spend time and money on something abstract anyway?


How to Create a Secure and Productive Remote Office?

When a crisis hits, be ready to switch to teleworking. That is just one of the lessons COVID-19 has taught companies all around the world. Remote working should go hand in hand with extra cybersecurity measures – here’s how to achieve them.


Why are Encryption and 2FA Essential for your Business?

Your IT infrastructure should be like an unconquerable fortress. The more layers of protection, the less chance the consequences of a cyberattack will be devastating. But when it comes to crunch time, people tend to make mistakes – especially when they’re working remotely. If you want to avoid data breaches, use two-factor authentication and encryption on all devices.


A Hacker Stole My Life. And I Got It Back

Cyberattacks can cost you more than just money. But also, they teach you a great lesson. The story of Xander Koppelmans.